How To Permanently Remove Pet Odors From The Home You Just Bought

If you just bought a home and it's immediately clear to everyone's nose that the previous owners had pets living indoors with them, then it will be a bit of a project removing the lingering odors. Pet odors can be some of the hardest to remove because they get down into the carpets and if urine was involved can be inside of the wall and floor materials. To permanently remove the lingering pet odors in your new house, follow this procedure:

Tips For Early Spring Lawn Rejuvenation And Care

Just as the season of winter starts to turn to spring, your lawn leaves its dormant state and the grass starts to grow again. Gone is the dusty brownish-green expanse, as it's now starting to be replaced by the first hints of brand-new spring growth.  During the time period just as winter transitions to spring is the most important time for lawn care. Proper watering, feeding, and mowing during this transitional stage will determine the health and look of your lawn until it goes dormant again next fall.

Planning Your Spring Landscaping?

Have you missed spending time in your garden? Perhaps you're lucky enough to live somewhere like Hawaii or even Florida, where you have been able to garden throughout the year. However, if you are one of those who live somewhere like Utah or Minnesota, you might be counting down the months and maybe even the weeks where you won't be inundated with freezing weather and snow. Wherever you live, maybe you're already planning your spring landscaping.

New Upholstery? How To Protect The Fabric From Incontinence

If you're having your furniture reupholstered for the holidays, you'll want to protect your investment. If you're the caregiver for your parents, and they suffer from incontinence, that may be difficult to do, especially if you don't take some special precautions. Here are four steps you can take to protect your newly reupholstered furniture from issues relating to incontinence. Start With a Fabric Sealant If your furniture is going to be reupholstered, be sure to add some protection to the fabric.

3 Tips For Choosing Furniture For Your Converted Basement

If you're just beginning the search for the right furniture for a basement that you've converted into a living space, you may be unsure of how to get started due to the basement previously being used for storage. Instead of having just any furniture put into the basement, you'll want to be careful to pick pieces that look great and will be a great fit for the look you're going for.