On The Move: What You Shouldn't Pack

Moving companies are happy to load up your furniture, boxes of dishes, and even your clothing and take them to your new home. However, there are some items you just shouldn't pack when you are moving. These are items you need to bring along with you in your own car or use up or give away before you leave your current location. Here are several items you shouldn't pack for the moving company.

The Basics Of What You Need To Know To Replace A Fireplace Mantel

In addition to providing warmth during the colder months, a fireplace serves as the main focal point of common areas in a home. The appearance of the structure affects the aesthetics of the entire room. When your home has a fireplace, you want to make sure that it is in good condition and has a visually appealing mantel that complements your interior design. If you move into a home that has a decrepit mantel that is not only ugly, but also a safety hazard, you should replace the structure as soon as possible.

Choosing And Installing Rain Chains

Many people enjoy listening to and watching the rain. If you are one of these people, you may spend time sitting on the back porch during summer rains. While natural rainfall brings its own joy, you can enhance the experience by installing rain chains to direct the rainfall and create the delightful sound of dripping, running, or rushing water. But there are some things you should know before installing a rain chain.

How To Make And Install Cages For A Faux Stone Wall

If you dream of rock walls bordering your garden or adorning your yard you may be a little leery of tackling the job on your own. While you can always have a rock wall installed by a professional there is a less expensive option that you can make on your own. By making your own gabion cages and filling them with natural stone, you can create a faux rock wall to enhance your landscape.

When Pigeons Invade: What You Need To Know About Getting Rid Of The Flying Pests

While domesticated pigeons have been useful to humans for over 5,000 years, the birds also have a reputation for being a nuisance to property owners. Unlike some birds that like to nest in eaves, attics, and other areas of a home, pigeons can be aggressive inhabitants that are hard to eradicate once they find a good place to congregate. Unless you are a pigeon fancier, you do not want to have large numbers of pigeons settling on your property.