3 Ways To Handle A Bed Bug Infestation

If you have a bed bug infestation, the first thing you need to do is stay calm. Don't start pulling everything out of the room where you identified the bed bugs; you don't want to promote their spread in your home further. Instead, here are some things you can do:

1. Call A Pest Control Service

The first thing you will want to do is get on the phone with a pest control company. Make sure that you hire a company that will take a multi-prong approach to get rid of the bed bugs. That will include somewhere between two to three inspection visits to kill the bed bugs and follow-up treatments every couple of weeks until the issue is completely irradiated.

You want to hire a company that will verify that you actually have bed bugs, as there are other pests that are often commonly mistaken for bed bugs, such as bat bugs, carpet beetles, and roach nymphs. You want to work with a company that will first inspect your home before treating it and one that you can set up an appointment with.

2. Squish Them

Second, when you see a bed bug, don't allow it to scamper away. Instead, squish it. Every bug that you kill is one less bed bug in your home. The best thing you can do is kill every bed bug you encounter. If you don't want to squish them with your bare hands, there are other ways to kill the bed bugs.

For example, you can use a sticky lint roller to roll up and kills the bugs. Or you can use some tape to pick up the bugs and press the tape down on some paper to kill them completely.

3. Use Heat 

Third, you can use heat to kill bed bugs. Take your sheets, for example. Pack them up inside a garbage bag and take them to your dryer. Put in the dryer sheets, turn the dryer onto the hottest setting, and run the dryer for a full cycle. You don't necessarily have to wash the sheets, just make sure that you use heat as this will kill the bugs and their eggs.

Likewise, don't just carry items through your house, as you don't want to let the bed bugs out. Instead, carry items inside of a trash bag and bundle them up and it away outside after your drop off your clothing in the laundry room.

When it comes to bed bugs, you will want to find a pest control company that will confirm the infestation and then use a multi-prong approach to deal with the problem. On your end, you can kill all the bugs you encounter and use heat to kill the rest. For more information, contact a bed bug control service.