6 Tips For Drawing Attention To Your Street Address

Maybe you've been getting too many phone calls from new acquaintances trying to find your house. Or maybe you're starting a new home-based business, and you want customers to easily locate you. You might even just be starting a new life in a new house. Whatever the reason, you would like your house's street address to be easier to locate.

Try some of the tips below for drawing attention to your house's street address.

1. Backlit LED Address Numbers

The most obvious way to draw attention to your street address is with the numbers themselves. Consider installing backlit LED address numbers. As the name suggests, these numbers feature LED lights behind them to create a halo around the numbers themselves. You can order different styles, but they usually convey a modern appearance.

2. Light Up the Entryway

The house numbers aren't the only entryway item you can light up. Indeed, Home and Garden TV recommends illuminating the entire entryway. Instead of a single light in the ceiling of your front porch, consider flanking the door with surface-mounted lanterns. If you're also using the backlit address numbers, they should be offset so they still shine noticeably.

3. Supersize the Address Numbers

Another obvious method for drawing attention to your street address is to install larger numbers. Tiny numbers located on the front door are hard for drivers and even pedestrians to see. So, you could supersize the numbers so they're much larger than normal. You might locate them above the door or elsewhere on the house's façade. You can find backlit numbers in larger sizes, too.

4. Change the Number Placement

Going back to the difficulty in locating numbers, the front door might not be the best place. So, consider moving the address numbers. Backlit and supersized numbers usually end up on a wall near the door. You can also locate them on pillars flanking your porch. Just make sure they're opposite in color so they're easy to see.

5. Add Path Lighting

Illumination automatically draws the eye. So, if you have a front pathway that leads to your front door, consider installing path lights along its length. The path lights will draw the eye to your front door, which might feature your street address numbers. Just make sure you stagger the lights so your front path doesn't look like a runway.

6. Install Numbers on Your Mailbox

Many pedestrians will try to locate an address by looking at the mailboxes rather than peering at the house — perhaps they think it feels less intrusive. So, if you have a standalone mailbox, add numbers to its exterior. You might even custom-order a new mailbox with the numbers embossed or printed on the surface.

Make your address easy to find with some of the above ideas. To learn more information about backlit LED address numbers, reach out to a company such as Modern Lights.