3 Paint Techniques To Try For An Accent Wall

Accent walls have long been a trend in interior décor. One of the most popular methods for designating an accent wall is by painting it red. In fact, The Spruce recommends using a bold color such as red for the wall, as long as you have décor objects around the room that coordinate with it.

Perhaps you'd like to add a little more pizzazz to your accent wall so that it stands out on its own. Below are three painting techniques you can try on your designated wall.

1. Striped Wall

A relatively easy technique for novice painters is to paint their accent wall in stripes. The approach needed for this style is relatively simple. You'll need to mark out the stripes with a pencil and a measuring tape. You'll designate the path of the stripes with painter's tape.

For this technique, many designers opt for white and a bold color such as red or navy blue. However, you can stick to any two colors within your color palette. The caveat is that one of the colors should be neutral, so you can paint the rest of your walls that hue.

2. Stenciled Wall

The next step up from a striped wall is a stenciled one. You can find numerous stencils, from simple geometric shapes to intricate designs. Stenciled walls can consist of two or more colors, depending on how involved a job you want to do.

You'll start by painting your wall the same neutral as all the others. You'll then use painter's tape to secure the stencil to the wall and paint over it. If you're planning on using more than two colors, you'll want to plan out your wall ahead of time. In fact, stencils might be a fun way to create a multi-colored checkerboard on your wall.

3. Typographic Wall

A typographic wall will be a real scene-stealer in your room. This statement wall consists of a letter or words painted onto your wall. You can also combine the topography with other images. You do want the letter or words to be the center of attention, though.

You have several approaches to a typographic wall — it's a more involved job than the above two techniques. However, skills from striping or stenciling can come in handy. For example, you could measure out a large letter made of stripes or use stencils to adorn your topographic wall. You can also freehand the writing if you feel such confidence.

Try a new painting technique to give your statement wall wow-worthy appeal. To learn more, contact your local paint supply shop today.