Tips To Keep Your Gas And Energy Bills Low

Heating a home can become costly. You don't want to forgo your comfort in an effort to save money, but at the same time, your comfort may end up being very costly. It's a double-edged sword, and it's going to take careful planning and a little bit of work on your part in order to keep those energy bills low and stay warm at the same time. Read on for tips to help you save money on your energy and gas bills.

Clean Your Furnace

Cleaning your furnace and other HVAC systems can help save you money and can improve your system overall. You'll pay less money on repairs, and your system will last longer than if you don't clean it at all. Clean your system before and after the season, and clean it monthly during the season as well. To clean your furnace, open the main panel and vacuum the interior of the furnace thoroughly. Also, be sure to replace the air filter in your system every other month to keep your system running smoothly. If your heating system has any problems, bring in a professional to fix it for you. 

Use The Sun For Warmth

Open up your curtains during the day and let the sunshine into your home. The sunlight can help to warm up your home, and you'll use less energy during the daytime hours. At night, use the curtains to keep drafts out of your home. Use heavy drapes during winter months to keep your home warm.

Repair Door/Window Seals

Repair the door and window seals around your home. If these are dry rotted, they can allow cool air to come into your home. Replace these seals if you notice any damage. Resealing these areas is not hard to do, and you can find new seals at your local hardware store. Caulking around the trim around your windows and doors both inside and outside can also help keep drafts out of your home.

Cover Your Windows In Plastic

Plastic window coverings, which can be found at your local hardware store, can help keep drafts out during the cold-weather months. Applying this plastic covering is simple to do, and it's a fairly inexpensive way to help keep the warmth in your home. Remove the plastic when the weather warms up outside.

Winter can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. If the tips above don't help you, then a new furnace may be in need, as it may not be the right size for your home. Talk to a professional residential heating technician today about other ways to save on your energy bills this year.