How To Permanently Remove Pet Odors From The Home You Just Bought

If you just bought a home and it's immediately clear to everyone's nose that the previous owners had pets living indoors with them, then it will be a bit of a project removing the lingering odors. Pet odors can be some of the hardest to remove because they get down into the carpets and if urine was involved can be inside of the wall and floor materials.

To permanently remove the lingering pet odors in your new house, follow this procedure:

Step 1: Determine What Smells and What Doesn't

Unfortunately, the only real way to remove pet odors from a home is to first determine exactly what areas are causing the smell. In homes that had cats and dogs, some of the most likely areas are the:

  • carpets
  • subfloor
  • draperies
  • sheetrock

In addition, if the previous owners left any furniture behind, this should be removed because there's a good chance it is also harboring offensive pet odors.

Step 2: Remove Any Carpets Smelling Like Dog or Cat and Seal Stained Subfloors

If you determined there are carpeted areas in the house that are hosting some of the pet odors, then they need to be removed. While you can try having the carpets professionally shampooed, this will typically not do much other than make them smell like wet pets.

Remove the carpets and pads so you can get a good look at the subfloor. If you see the dark telltale signs of urine staining on the subfloor, then you can either remove it or you can seal the floors with a thick shellac paint. The shellac will seal in any odors and will also prevent the floor stains from wicking up into a new carpet pad.

Step 3: Seal Smelly Sheetrock Areas with Shellac and Repaint the Room

If dogs or male cats were urinating on the walls inside of your new home, then the sheetrock will have absorbed some of the urine. When the humidity rises inside of your house, the urine smells will be released from the sheetrock and you will smell urine.

Any urine stained or smelly areas of the walls should be painted with shellac to seal in the smells and the whole room should be painted. If the sheetrock feels at all spongy, then it has been too wet in the past and should be cut out and replaced instead of simply sealing it with the shellac. Contact a company, like Smell Fresh Arizona, LLC, for more help.