Planning Your Spring Landscaping?

Have you missed spending time in your garden? Perhaps you're lucky enough to live somewhere like Hawaii or even Florida, where you have been able to garden throughout the year. However, if you are one of those who live somewhere like Utah or Minnesota, you might be counting down the months and maybe even the weeks where you won't be inundated with freezing weather and snow. Wherever you live, maybe you're already planning your spring landscaping. From arranging for tree service to buying new patio furniture, here are some ideas that might help you plan your landscaping for the new year.

Major Landscaping - Start with assessing the trees in your front and backyards. Did you prune them before winter set in? If you did, then you'll probably see the fruits of your labors when spring arrives. However, if you didn't pay extra attention to your trees, consider making arrangements for a professional to check on your trees. A tree service company will know exactly when to send somebody out to check on what needs to be done to make your trees healthy and gorgeous.

For example, a tree service company will make the determination of whether or not your trees need to be pruned so that they'll have healthy growth. In addition, even before you notice a problem, the tree service workers will detect if there are parasites or other insects that can damage your trees. And, even if your trees are healthy, the tree service company might suggest that you give a more dramatic appearance to your trees by trimming them and lighting them so they'll stand out at night.

Additional Beautification - Besides giving attention to the trees on your property, consider making a list of things that will beautify your front and backyards. For example, you might determine that buying statuary for the front of your house will add interest to it. Perhaps a multi-tiered water fountain would be a great focal point for your front yard. Do you have a backyard patio?

If not, consider adding one where you can spend time with friends and family members. If you do have a patio already, does the patio furniture need to be spruced up? Perhaps wrought iron or wooden patio furniture could use a brand new coat of paint. Or, if the patio furniture is new, maybe the addition of colorful seat cushions would add some drama to the area. Just think of words like warm weather ahead and your landscape plans will probably come together beautifully.

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