Five Great Texas-Themed Gifts For Your Next Social Occasion

With a population of nearly 29 million people and plenty more from around the world who love to visit, Texas has more than its share of state-themed souvenirs, gifts, and other novelties. Choosing one of the myriad options available can ensure that your gift is well-received and highly commented upon. Read on for five great gift ideas for the Texan (or Texas lover) in your life.

Texas-Shaped Cutting Board

If you're attending a foodie's home for the first time or are gift shopping for someone who loves to cook, a Texas-shaped wooden cutting board can be a memorable and useful gift. The Lone Star State's proportional but unique shape and large size make it the perfect form for a cutting board. Many oversized cutting boards are made using unique wood patterns or even include city names and landmark labels and pictures. 

Texas-Shaped and Spiced Candies or Desserts

A number of different bakeries and confectioners throughout Texas use their culinary and artistic muscles to create Texas-shaped or themed chocolates, candies, marshmallows, and other bakery treats. From stars and sheriff's badges to cowboy boots or even Alamo-shaped gummy candies, you should be able to find something for just about any person's taste. These custom confectioneries can be a great host or hostess gift, as consumables are almost always appreciated, and these are both delicious and eye-catching. 

Local Artwork

Texas artists are some of the best in the nation, whether they're painting Hill Country landscapes in muted tones or working in a more abstract arena. By browsing art-to-buyer websites that specialize in regional artists or sifting through blog posts that list a number of up-and-coming young Texas artists, you'll be able to gain access to unique and one-of-a-kind pieces to present to the art lover in your life. 

Texas's current artists don't just work in paints and pencils. Texas-based artists often tap into the state's multicultural roots to create tapestries, metalworks, and mixed-media pieces by using feathers, clay, and other local materials. A custom piece of Texas art can become a gift that will be appreciated and talked about for years to come.

Texas Leather 

The Lone Star State is known for its leather, from cowboy boots to saddles and just about everything in between. If you're looking for the perfect unusual gift for someone who loves Texas and everything it represents, you may want to consider a Texas-themed and Texas-sourced leather item. Luggage tags, key rings, and belt buckles can be budget-friendly gifts, while wallets, clutch purses, and even jackets can be ideal if you're looking for something extra special and are willing to spend accordingly. With centuries of experience and access to some of the finest cow hides in the world, Texas's leather workers are renowned for their care and attention to detail. 

High-quality leather pieces, especially when meticulously cared for, can last a lifetime. Purchasing from a reputable Texas-based vendor that's known for producing high-quality products can ensure that your gift recipient gets a durable, comfortable, long-lasting item for which they'll be grateful.

Tastes of Texas 

From barbecue and sheet cakes to tequila and craft beer, Texas is famous for its local food and drink scene. Whether you're buying for a cook, a foodie, or someone who loves to entertain, putting together a Texas-themed food and drink gift basket (or buying a pre-stocked one) is a guaranteed way to ensure your gift is a hit. You may want to consider creating one central theme, like barbecue (including local barbecue sauces, dried peppers, rubs, tongs, and a grilling plank) or drinks of Texas (with tequila, cocktail mixes, lime-infused salts, and a margarita shaker). 

Contact companies that sell Texas-themed gifts for more ideas.