3 Tips To Help You Attract Birds Into Your Backyard

Your backyard can become your own outdoor sanctuary where you can enjoy the outdoor wildlife, nice weather, and spend some time alone when you need it. With the right additions to your backyard, you can attract birds to entertain and liven your backyard. Here are some tips to help you bring more birds into your yard and increase the enjoyment of your backyard space.

1. Plant Fruit Trees

Trees, especially fruit trees growing in your yard provide a habitat and a food source for birds, which attracts them to your yard. And by planting and growing fruit trees, you have access to your own organic fruit you and your family can enjoy.

Depending on your climate and your growing zone, there are a variety of different fruit trees you can plant and grow in your yard. Check your local nursery for their selection of fruit trees. Talk to one of the nursery employees about the right way to plant and water your tree to ensure its survival in your yard. Because you are transplanting the tree from its nursery bucket and into your yard's soil, it is important to bury the entire root ball and water the tree on a regular basis to get the roots established.

2. Hang Birdhouses

Birdhouses can provide shelter for birds visiting your yard and are a decorative feature to provide visual interest in your yard. A garden decor birdhouse for sale that's hung in your tree or mounted on a wooden post can provide a place for birds to feed and play.

Most types of birdhouses have portioned sections where you can place bird seeds to help attract birds. And, during winter you can place suet inside the birdhouse to feed birds during winter when the need extra fat in their diet to help keep them warm. Once you place a birdhouse in your backyard, you will notice how more and more birds come to enjoy its food treats.

3. Set Out a Birdbath

Just as a birdhouse in your backyard can attract birds, a birdbath will similarly attract them. Birds need a source of water they can drink from that is in a safe area to prevent their receiving injury from traffic or predators. A birdbath also gives the birds a place to play and bathe. And there are many types of decorative birdbaths you can set around your yard to help accentuate your yard decor and to provide a water source to wild birds.