Got A Large Empty Area In Your Yard? 2 Tips To Fill It Full Of Wildflowers

If you have a large area in your yard that is completely empty, you can do many things with it. One thing is to plant beautiful flowers. When it comes to flowers there are a variety to choose from but because you have a large area you should consider planting wildflowers. You will have many different types of flowers in different colors. This will turn this boring, empty area into something beautiful and colorful. Below are some tips on buying wildflower seeds and planting them: 

Buying Wildflower Seeds

You can purchase wildflower seeds at any garden center. You can also purchase these seeds online. If you purchase them online, you will likely have a wider variety to choose from.

The seeds should be field inspected by a professional to ensure they are high quality. This professional will go through all seeds to ensure there are no weeds mixed in with them or any other type of foreign material. If the seeds have been inspected, you will see a test date on the seed packet.

In many cases, the seeds that you purchase will have a type of mulch material inside the packet along with the wildflower seeds. This will help the seeds be spread evenly.

You need to make sure you purchase wildflower seeds that will grow well in the area in your yard. For example, some flowers need full sun all day while others need part sun and part shade.

You will find many wildflower seed packets that have individual seeds in them or a packet that has a variety of seeds in them.

Planting Wildflower Seeds

You have a lot of freedom with wildflowers. If you purchased separate seed packets, you can choose to group different colors together, or you can simply mix up the colors. If you purchased a packet that has a variety of seeds in them, then you can plant these anywhere and sit back and wait to see what flowers pop up. A wildflower field can look messy, and this can also give this area much more appeal.

Before you plant, till up the soil to loosen it up and go through the soil closely and remove any weeds that you see. If this area is much too large to check for weeds by hand, you can place a piece of clear plastic over the area and leave it there for approximately two weeks. During this time the sun will kill the weeds for you. The plastic prevents the soil from getting any moisture so that the weeds will dry up.

The seed packet(s) you purchased will come with complete instructions on how to plant them. In most cases, you simply have to make some grooves in the soil with a rake and then spread the seeds in the grooves. Carefully cover the seeds up with soil and then water them well. Keep the soil moist for the first couple of weeks or until you start seeing sprouts coming up out of the soil.

If you need help, hire a landscape contractor, and they can plant your seeds for you.