On The Move: What You Shouldn't Pack

Moving companies are happy to load up your furniture, boxes of dishes, and even your clothing and take them to your new home. However, there are some items you just shouldn't pack when you are moving. These are items you need to bring along with you in your own car or use up or give away before you leave your current location. Here are several items you shouldn't pack for the moving company. 

Anything Living

Most people realize that you can't put your dog or cat in a crate and then hand them over to your movers. Animals need to ride in the car with you or be taken on the plane. There are services that will move your pets if you don't want to put them on an airplane, but they may work specifically with cats and dogs. 

Hamsters and other small animals should also go in the car with you, even if they don't need to leave their cages or homes. Movers cannot be responsible for keeping your pets alive. 

Some moving companies will transport plants, but they cannot guarantee that the plants will make it to your destination undamaged. It is much better to give plants away before you leave or to take them with you in your car. 

Check local regulations if you are moving internationally. Some countries will not allow certain plants or animals, and pets may need to be kept in quarantine. 

Anyone Recently Living

Most moving companies will not transport the ashes of the deceased. This includes your grandparents as well as your dogs and cats. 

Cremation Resource suggests that you scatter your pet's ashes or have them made into a piece of jewelry. 


Get rid of all your food before you move. If you can't consume it all, give it away to neighbors or a local food bank or shelter. Especially avoid packing fresh produce, meats, and dairy products. You will only end up with a smelly mess once you reach your destination. 

Hazardous Items

Your moving company is likely to have a list of items they will not move, and hazardous materials will be on that list. This includes anything that is potentially explosive or flammable. 

  • Automotive supplies like oil, gasoline, and batteries
  • Cleaning chemicals like ammonia and bleach
  • Gardening supplies such as fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers
  • Fireworks, matches, and lighters
  • Chemicals used in pool maintenance
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover

Anything Expensive

It is best not to send expensive items with a moving company like Frank and Sons Moving and Storage Inc. Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving. They don't want to be responsible for the loss. If you have expensive jewelry, cash, artwork, or stocks, keep them with you during your move. 

If you can't help but pack something expensive, alert your movers in advance. If the company will allow it, they may offer you extra insurance to cover the item. 

Anything With Practical Value

Create a file folder for papers you may need or want, and designate a special box for larger items. You may even want a lock box. 

  • passports
  • birth certificates
  • wedding certificate
  • school records for kids
  • medical records for kids, adults, and pets
  • pet registration
  • car key
  • checkbooks
  • address books
  • medications

Anything With Sentimental Value

Don't pack anything you couldn't handle losing. If you have items that are priceless to you, be sure you keep them with you. 

  • items that once belonged to family members
  • projects made by your children
  • letters written by loved ones
  • family photographs
  • collections 

Moving companies are the experts when it comes to moving your stuff from one home to the next, and you can count on their experience when it comes to what not to pack. Anything important, hazardous, or expensive should stay close to you during your move, and anything perishable should be used.